"The Atlantic Hotel is one of the oldest buildings remaining in Ocean City and was appropriately one of the first building restored in the wake of the War."'

The Atlantic Hotel
Location Ocean City
Factions Neutral

History Edit

Background Edit

Founded in 1875, the Atlantic Hotel has stood in Ocean City since the beginning. Standing at the northernmost point of the Boardwalk, it has catered to tourists for as long as visitors have been coming to the city. Catering to affluent and influential tourists, the hotel has always been extravagant and opulent to match its residents.

After the War, the Hotel was initially abandoned in the chaos. However, it was also largely untouched by the devastation that struck Ocean City after the War. As such, it was seen as a valuable asset for any who could reopen the Hotel and restore it to its former glory.

At first, the hotel struggled to remain viable in Ocean City's new climate. With tourism effectively dead in the wake of the War, the hotel saw few visitors and those who came did not stay for long. In recent decades, however, this has begun to change. As trade and tourism returned to Ocean City, the hotel found increasing importance as a safe and neutral haven for visitors to The Boardwalk and the city as a whole. As such, it has become a prize for the nearby gangs, leading to an increasing need for security which the hotel has gladly enlisted to protect its clientele.

Present Day Edit

With Ocean City's increasing wealth and traffic, the Atlantic Hotel has begun to thrive once again. Rival gangs initially sought to claim the hotel as their own, but increasing amounts of security put in place by proprietor Veronica Kilmartin have finally discouraged the ruffians from pushing into the hotel. For now, it stands as the safest place for locals and visitors alike to live while in Ocean City, short of gaining entrance to Old Town.