Located in Old Town, the Fenwick Inn is one of the oldest Pre-War structures still standing in Ocean City.

Fenwick Inn
Location Ocean City
Factions The Seven Thrones
Associated Leaders August Fenwick

History Edit

Background Edit

A Pre-War structure originally owned by the Fenwick family, the Fenwick Inn is in fairly good shape for a building that survived the bombs falling. Acting as both the city hall of Old Town and the base of operations for The Seven Thrones, the inn has several floors of rooms that are not available to rent despite the building's intended purpose. August Fenwick calls the suite on the top floor home, and the sizable dining room downstairs is utilized as a space for town meetings. It's no secret the meetings are purely held for show; unless a citizen of Old Town is a member of the Thrones, they have little sway in the decision making process.

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