Holly Golightly
Nickname None
Species Synth
Age 24
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Waitress
Affiliation Unaffiliated
Face Claim Aubrey Plaza
Player Ludo
"Aw, you're cute. With your penis. And failures."

History Edit

Background Edit

Holly grew up in Rivet City with just her father around. She managed to garner herself some street smarts in that time, and her dad taught her how to throw a punch. Or, more accurately, how to jam someone's nose in and run, or if they're a dude, dole out a pretty wicked nut shot. It's not enough to get her out of serious trouble, but she won't hesitate to throw down when she feels threatened.

She's worked a good deal of odd jobs in her twenty-seven years, none of them very prolific, but a casino is a better option than a whorehouse, and so when The Duchess Gambit opened up, she was quick to apply. She landed a job as a waitress, and while she likes having a roof over her head and makes decent tips, she can't stand the Dixie Land music or kitschy outfits the waiting staff is forced to wear. But she sucks it up, puts on just the most pleasant demeanor you can imagine when she's serving tables, and saves the griping and groaning for when she's back in the kitchen or off the clock. 

Continuing Adventures Edit

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Personality Edit

Holly is stubborn, outspoken, has a smart mouth, and wry sense of humor. No self-deprecating humor here; she's perfect, it's the rest of you chuckleheads who need to change. She can put up a good front when she's dealing with customers, but she'll be the first to complain about them behind closed doors. She generally doesn't get along well with girly-girl types, and her friend pool is filled mostly with men as a result. She's easily "one of the guys" and aside from having to put on that kohl eyeliner and robe for work, she stays away from makeup and dresses, the consummate tomboy. 

Appearance Edit

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