"Lifeform detected. Present your credentials or depart, or face the consequences."

Security Unit Mark V
Nickname Officer Mark
Species Protectron
Age 219
Gender Robot
Eye Color N/A
Hair Color N/A
Profession Head of Security
Affiliation Oceanside Power Plant
Face Claim N/A
Player NPC

History Edit

Background Edit

Built as the most advanced security unit of the pre-war world, Officer Mark was tasked with leading the security forces protecting the Oceanside Power Plant. Despite centuries of the plant being essentially abandoned, he has never shirked his duty and still defends the plant as if the bombs had never fallen.

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Personality Edit

Strict and orderly, Officer Mark never deviates from his programming. When faced with an outsider within the Power Plant (excluding the officially abandoned reactor) he immediately requests that visitors present their security badge. If such qualifications are not presented within a reasonable time frame, he attacks and initiates security protocols to activate his subordinate protectrons to attack.

Appearance Edit

Officer Mark's chassis is no different than any other Protectron model, but he does sport an authoritative police paint job.

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