Preston Garvey
Nickname None
Species Human
Age 30
Gender Male
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Profession Minutemen General
Affiliation The Minutemen
Face Claim Mos Def
Player NPC
"We'll take back the Commonwealth, one piece at a time."

History Edit

Background Edit

Preston Garvey originally enrolled with The Minutemen under Colonel Hollis at the age of seventeen. An avid believer in the espoused justice of the Minutemen cause, Preston rose through their ranks to become an officer under the direct command of Hollis himself.

Regrettably, as Preston states, the Minutemen settlements grew complacent. Freed from the greater concerns of the erstwhile dangers of the Commonwealth, settlements increasingly neglected their obligations to the collective in favor of petty self-interests.

In 2287, Sturges - an inhabitant of the influential trading hub at Quincy - requested the aid of the Minutemen after having heard one of Mama Murphy’s visions, which foresaw the town being surrounded and massacred. Preston joined Hollis on a mission to rescue Quincy, where they found the Gunners besieging it.

The Minutemen dispersed the Gunner lines and were welcomed by the battle-weary citizens of Quincy; the Gunners temporarily retreated. The Minutemen quickly moved to fortify the town but their efforts proved insufficient as the Gunners reformed their lines and relentlessly probed the town's defenses for weaknesses. An ex-Minutemen officer named Clint revealed himself to Colonel Hollis as the leader of the invading force. Clint sought to establish terms of surrender for Quincy and its defenders; these terms were summarily rejected by Hollis.

The Minutemen requested support, which did not arrive; the Gunners overwhelmed the defenders and murdered nearly all of the civilian. Col. Hollis, the linchpin of the long-dwindling Minutemen cause, died fighting.

The event is known as the Quincy Massacre, and it catalyzed the disintegration of the remaining Minutemen settlements.

Continuing Adventures Edit

Preston gathered the few remaining Quincy civilians and loyal Minutemen and fled to Lexington. Regrettably, Lexington was filled with feral ghouls; the hardships of the town gradually whittled the group's numbers down to just over ten. Eventually the group moved to Concord where they took shelter in the Museum of Freedom before moving onto the settlement of Sanctuary.

From there, Preston and the remaining members of the group from Quincy began to venture out and rebuild trust between the settlements of the Commonwealth and The Minutemen. After gaining enough traction, the Minutemen reclaimed their old base, The Castle.

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